Bake Off winner launches campaign to support Scottish ingredients

March 1st, 2021

Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins launches the campaign, ‘Scotland brings so much to the table’

A new campaign celebrating the wide range of produce grown and made in Scotland has been launched with the help of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ winner, Peter Sawkins.

‘Scotland brings so much to the table’, a joint campaign by the Scottish Government and the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, encourages shoppers to explore Scotland’s vast natural larder and try more of the world renowned produce available on our doorstep.

The campaign, which has a dedicated website for people to find out how they can get involved, forms part of the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership Recovery Plan to support the industry to recover from coronavirus (COVID-19) and Brexit.

With fewer opportunities to eat out over the past year, more people have been cooking meals at home from scratch – but many aren’t actually aware of how our shopping habits can directly benefit the Scottish food and drink industry.

Lots of supermarkets, local retailers, farmers’ markets and online delivery sites stock a huge range and selection of affordable, health, locally grown, made and sourced Scottish produce that the campaign encourages people to try more of.

A recent survey carried out by the Scotland Food & Drink Partnership, revealed that there has been an increase in people who have bought more locally sourced foods since the start of the pandemic. The survey revealed that of those adults in Scotland who are red meat buyers, 14% started to buy local or bought more local red meat since the start of COVID-19 pandemic and 17% of adults started to buy or bought more locally grown and sourced vegetables.

The research also showed that people who were buying more locally sourced products did so to show support to local farmers and producers, knowing that they were helping the local economy. They also felt the products would be fresher and of greater quality.

Peter Sawkins uses and champions Scottish products in his cooking and baking every day and is encouraging us all to follow suit.