Warm welcome for two new members

August 22nd, 2022

Ailsa Proverbs set up the Big Cheese Making Kit after seeing a well-known chef making yogurt

East Lothian Food & Drink welcomes two new members, both of which have a close connection with Scotland’s amazing dairy farms – although there’s a vegan option too!

The Big Cheese Making Kit, based in Haddington, has sold more than 150,000 kits since it was first established by Ailsa Proverbs, after she wondered if cheese could easily be made at home and set out to perfect a recipe.

Stockists now include Harrods and the National Trust, although the kits are also available through their online shop.

There are now seven varieties of cheese on offer, including halloumi, mozzarella, Scottish crowdie and a vegan cheese.

Love Ice Cream in Dunbar is dedicated to real dairy ice cream made using rich Scottish double cream, but there are non-dairy options in the form of sorbet and healthy choices based on yogurt.

Their flavours include organic Madagascan vanilla, Fife strawberries and sustainable chocolate from Chocolate Tree.